Welfare and Counseling Team (WCT)

About WCT

The Welfare and Counseling Team (WCT) formerly known as Welfare Visitation and Counseling wing (WVC) is a wing in the Ghana Methodist Students’ Union, KNUST. The wing focuses on the needs of ambassadors. It is responsible for taking care of the welfare needs of ambassadors in terms of financial, social, moral, physical, emotional and psychological aspects. Also it undertakes a major duty of seeing to the counseling needs of ambassadors. This is done by training its members in Godly counsel and ethical counsel to equip them to deliver and counsel ambassadors and also to equip them for life. The wing organizes counseling seminars and teachings for ambassadors and cell leaders of the union to resource them. The wing meets on Tuesdays for her prayer meeting from 6 – 7:30pm and also on Saturday for her teaching service from 3 – 5:30pm. The wing is currently under the leadership of Mills Clifford as the president), Abena Ansaah Addae-Afoakwa (Vice President) and Emmanuel Dadzie (Prayer Sec.). It’s the only family of love in GHAMSU KNUST. We radiate and emit the love of God in our daily life. The wing has a motto and response which goes as; WCT……………WE CARE.