Vessels Of Honour

About Vessel Of Honour

The Vessels of Honour (VOH) wing of GHAMSU is the choreography and drama group of the wing that ministers Christ and uncovers talents and potentials in the field of theatrical arts. The mission of the wing is to minister Christ through drama, spoken word and choreography. 4. See to spiritual growth of our wing members

The wing is divided into two main committees.
1. Playwright Committee: The playwright committee is in charge of all forms of drama and spoken word.

2. Choreography Committee: The choreography committee popularly known as choreocom is in charge of dance ministrations and also getting a song for ministration.

Apart from the two main committees, there are sub committees that are in charge of other aspects of the wing.
1. Costume Committee: This committee is in charge of the various costumes used for ministration. The head of the committee is supposed to keep every costume in the wings covers, she is also supposed to prescribe a costume for every ministration the wing has.

2. Stage Management and Props: The stage management and props committee is in charge of setting up a stage for a ministration and keeping all props of the wing.

3. Welfare Committee: They are in charge of all welfare needs of the wing’s members be it monitory, counseling, etc.

4. Outreach Committee: The outreach committee is in charge of all programs (outreaches) held outside the local.

5. Prophetic Pillars: They serve as the praying force of the wing. They are in charge of the wings spiritual life.

6. Organizing/Technical: This committee is in charge organizing and getting a place for rehearsal. They are also in charge of anything technical such as projections, playing music, etc.