Preaching Band

About Preaching Band

Preaching Band is the evangelism wing of GHAMSU who are passionate about saving the lost and sinners. Our major aim is to embark on evangelism on KNUST campus and off- campus through personal evangelism, dawn broadcasts, Hospital outreaches, prisons outreaches and local towns outreach.

1. The band shall be dedicated to evangelism and nurturing weak societies in the Methodist church.
2. The band through effective teaching and mentorship shall build and develop potentials of GHAMSU members.
3. The band shall encourage the writing of local preacher’s exams.

Our core Mission is ‘to evangelize and nurture others to know Christ Jesus.’ Our motto: ‘We have no business than to win souls. Our Slogan: ‘WISEMAN… WIN A SOUL (Prov. 11:30).’

Stanza 1
We preach we witness we win souls for Christ This is the work of preaching band Fulfilling the great commission Of our God in our present age.

Stanza 2
When Wesley said the world is my parish He meant that wiseman go forth and to preach The harvest is much but the men are few Join the team to win souls for Christ

Wiseman 2×, win a soul.
For this is our duty to live
Wiseman raise your voice
Oh high and proclaim the word of our God.

We currently have our weekly Wednesday meetings at Republic Hall Chapel from 5:00PM-7:00PM. Also we have our dawn broadcasts on Saturdays at 5:00AM - 6:00AM, our outreaches to the various Local mother churches around us on Sundays from 7:00AM – 11:00AM or alternatively ‘inreaches’ where we evangelize to students in the various traditional halls. The ‘inreaches’ begins at 7:00AM and ends at 8:30AM then afterwards we join the GHAMSU service.