Prayer Wing

About Prayer Wing

This is a branch ministry of GHAMSU KNUST local that seeks to ensure the spiritual growth of members through Prayer. Our motto is: In Prayer.... We Prevail!!

It is said that if there is a man to pray, then there is a God to answer. Prayer is one of the fundamental acts of Christianity hence the vision of Prayer Wing is:
1. to nurture Ambassadors to grow to maturity in their prayer lives and encourage them to make prayer a daily habit and to know that they can turn to God themselves.

2. Not only that, we seek to raise men and women who fear and love the Lord

MHB 511: '...By prayer let me wrestle and He will perform...' We believe that communication with God through prayer is a way of handling our issues to Him and giving Him the go-ahead to fight our battles for us. As a wing, we materialise our vision by:

1. Weekly meetings (on Wednesdays) where members not only pray but also have teaching sessions and other ministrations from seasoned servants of God through this, the scope of knowledge of our members are widened in the Bible and pressing issues of life of our members are duly tackled.

2. Intercede for members, families, Union and the nation at large through prayer and also join forces with the deliverance team in such intercessions to prevent misfortunes as foreseen and to enforce the revealed will of God. Also, we stand in spiritually for the Union before, during and after church services and also other church programmes(Towering) for eg. SHOUT 2018

3. We have a hotline: 020 859 8585 Where members and Ambassadors can call on the prayer secretaries for prayer requests or any emergency situation at any time and they are attended to.

4. We have a library with powerful , knowledgeable and spiritual books where members can borrow and also sow into through donations. We also recommend books for the semester to members as part of their growth because indeed there can be no effective prayer without the word and the more knowledgeable we become of the things of God, the more we can walk in His promises and purposes.

5. Sherpherding: Executives of the wing partake in feeding the flock of God by shepherding members through prayers, visitation, teaching and interactions with them. They also ensure the general welfare of our members. Each one is given a number of people to shepherd.

6. We organise social gatherings and retreats such as Love feast to foster good relationships among members and identify with one another better. We also have an Instagram page and other social media platforms for interaction with members and dissemination of information.

We are one big family and we'll love to have you around.