Organising Wing

About Organising Wing

The Organizing Wing of GHAMSU KNUST-Local is a family of people joined together in unison to serve the body of Christ through GHAMSU in various and diverse ways. The wing, being one of the best wings in the union, is not only concerned with the work in the vineyard, but each member is concerned about the well being of one another. This relationship existing between the members brings them together as one big family both on campus and even beyond the walls of the school. The Wing has various sub-committees which function in tandem to realize the wing’s general responsibilities where individuals both skilled and unskilled come together to learn skills like live sound production including audio editing, photography and live projection. The Motto of the Wing is “Organizing, In His Service!” and the slogan is “ Organa, ejux dey be!!”

The Transport Committee handles the union’s vehicles and conveys members to and from church service and all other meetings of the union. The committee also takes the responsibility to organize external buses to supplement the union’s vehicles for special cases. The Information Management Committee is tasked to handle all circulation of the union’s information. The committee manages the union’s website. The committee also handles all issues relating to publicity on behalf of the union. The Technical Committee is in charge of the operations and the management of the union's sound systems. The Central Organa Committee organizes the arrangement of chairs, assembling of tents and the acquisition of a venue for the union's activities.

Training sessions: The Wing organizes training sessions for all members in the various committees of the wing. These training sessions are organized in order to equip members with skills in sound engineering, graphic designs, photography, projection, setting up for events and driving. All members of the wing are blessed with two or more of these skills to help them better themselves as individuals.

The wing meets officially once every week on Wednesdays. The wing meetings are in two forms: prayer meetings and sitting meetings, where members meet to pray in unison and are taught the word respectively. Wing meetings are also times where wing welcomes new members of the wing. The wing however meets on Thursdays and Saturdays at the union's storage place to convey the union’s gadgets to the venues for midweek services and Sunday services respectively, pray into the service and also set up the place for service. After every service the wing meets to pray and returns the gadgets back to their storage places.

This is a time in the year where all Organising wing members and associates all over the world come together to have fun, create links and dine together as a family.