I am BOAFO OLIVIA. A fourth year student currently reading BSc Real estate. I reside in Brunei-Baby and in room 55L (the last floor). My favorite food is Red red garnished with eggs and vegetables.

I am in GHAMSU choir. I love to read books, watch bedtime stories and listen to music. Don Meon and William McDowell are my favourite worshippers.

I am very passionate about kids and people who are really in need of help.

I strive to see people grow in Christ and to use my experiences as an example.

I cherish people and try to make them happy so I approach everyone with a smile.


E-mail: oboafo36@gmail.com

Contact: 0249827959/0501650842

Facebook: Boafo Olivia


Profile Summary


Name: Boafo Olivia

Portfolio: Brunei Rep

Programme: BSc. Real estate

Year: 4

Contact: 0249827959/0501650842