I am Herbert Oppong-Kwao offering Mechanical Engineering. I was admitted in the year 2017. I live at Aputuogya in the Bosomtwe District - Kumasi. On campus, I reside at Kotei, Manchester Hostel R11. As a young guy brought up in the Methodist church and specifically being with the Boys' And Girls' Brigade, it has been my passion to advance Christ Kingdom among men. Therefore, I deem it a great honour whenever I am given the opportunity to help or serve at any point in time. I like to try my hands on new things and always make myself available to be taught. I also love giving back to society what I acquire by helping train others.

My hobbies are primarily getting involved in anything music including song compositions, playing musical instruments, re-harmonization of songs (especially hymns). I also love to sing although my voice keeps on betraying me. Haha, I hope to begin my vocal practical sessions soon. Also, I have passion for helping others to attain the fullness and stature of godly principles for their lives. 

Although I may seem to be an introvert (because I hardly make friends), I value relationships and always do my best to keep them accordingly. My favourite scriptural verse that keeps  me on the things I do is Phil 1:21 [For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain] as MHB 589 stanza 2 clearly states. I really enjoy hymns a lot and my favourite is MHB 394 especially stanza 3 [I would live ever in the light, I would work ever for the right; I would serve Thee with all my might; Therefore, to Thee I come] No wonder I am a proud member of the Ghamsu Choir.

My favourite food is jollof rice. However, there are no dull moments when I come across banku with okro stew. I strongly believe in creativity and innovativeness, that is why I love engineering. I hope to see myself part of the best engineers in the nation and the world at large. I know this is possible with God and making my passion my profession too.