Hello everyone, am the person of BRUCE FREDRICK DADZIE, a 3rd year student of KNUST reading CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT and the PRESIDENT of THE GHAMSU CHOIR, KNUST. I resides Brunei complex. Listening and singing is something that I like especially when it comes to choral music. When it comes to football, I am a proud fan of FC Barcelona. Helping and assisting people in terms of need is something that am so much passionate about because when you help someone today, you don’t know where  you will meet the person in the future and don’t know when and where you will also be in need. I am a proud Fante as my name depicts, as for my favorite food, what I like is myself prepared waakye with vegetables. For my hobbies, what I like doing is cooking and playing of video games as well as reading my bible. My aspiration is that, dream cannot be fulfilled unless action is taken and my core values I have been leading my life with is integrity, honesty and respect.