In a word, I'm teachable.

In two words, I'm God's own .

In three words, I'm Benedicta Amoako Blankson and the now LOV Chairperson of Ghamsu Knust - Local. I'm a third year Business Administration student with Human Resource Management option. You can pass by room 510C in SRC hostel sometime and  I will be glad to have you. I love music and it's potency to soothe me anytime, any day and most importantly giving me the chance to behold the beauty and magnificence of my God. So yeah you guessed right...I'm part of the )y333 family thus the Pearls of Praise(POP) choir. I love to be of help to people,read and listen to audios; a broad range of them yeah. Godliness with contentment is certainly a great gain. Be grateful for what you're now and keep trusting God for the  future. LOV ....a virtuous woman indeed who can find? A woman who fears the Lord she shall forever be praised. My lovely ladies continually spread the vision even as my all time wonderful gentlemen support the vision. God bless us all.