Hello everyone, Hilda Gblorkpor is my name. I'm the GHAMSU-KNUST Local Secretary (the voice of the Union sigh) for the 2020/2021 Spiritual and Academic year. A 3rd year Dr. of Optometry student currently at Mass hostel. I'm a people's person so laughing and making friends is my thing. I have an affinity for children and could pass for children's president (feel free to laugh at that). For my hobbies, they are basically reading, writing, cooking and watching movies (not any kind though).


Barcelona, though messing up lately, has won my support. Low-key, I flow with every winning team for any football match. Fufu with any scrumptious chicken soup is always enough to make my day. I wanted to hide this but I can't, I'm a coke lover.


What motivates me is the assurance of God's word. It's my desire to own an eye clinic and a restaurant/hotel in some years to come. I want to be in a position to help people in the future, especially the less privileged. I'm into writing and hoping to make some publications later in life. I also want to reach out to the world through public speaking.


My desire as an individual is to live my entire life getting to know the Lord consciously and consistently. My favorite person is the Holy Spirit. Feel free to contact me on 0550192108/ 0501654725 when a need arises. I want to leave you with this quote my SHS headmistress used to tell us, "Anything worth doing is worth doing well". Live your life Fully Relying On God (FROG). Finally as Ambassadors, let's live in Unity and Love. Have a fruitful year....Byeee